Increase operation speed with Multi Pallet Handling from MEYER

Increase operation speed with Multi Pallet Handling from MEYER

The beverage industry is one of the most extensive and dynamic global market sectors, in continuous evolution, offering a wide variety of products every year.
Beverage categories include bottled water, juice, syrups, nectars, sparkling and still drinks, milk, coffee and tea, beer, wine and spirits. Furthermore, modern trends focus on new categories of energy and sport drinks and healthy and natural wellness drinks.

It is in the summer time that soft drink consumption reaches the highest peaks. In this season the loading and unloading outside areas are fully paved with palletized goods, which have to be managed in the shortes and safest way.

Is it possible to increase pallet handling speed without compromising safety?
Forklift attachment manufacturer MEYER offers a complete range of Multi Pallet Handlers, which are versatile attachments that can handle from one to 2, from 2 to 4 and 6 and 8 pallets at a time. This makes it possible to increase productivity and to speed up the pallet handling, dramatically improving efficiency.

Thanks to the wide choice of models, capacities, widths and fork opening, the MEYER Multi Pallet Handlers provide the possibility to satisfy the requirements of all industries characterized by heavy handling of palletized loads and in particular soft drink industries, breweries, mineral water bottling plants, food industries, brick industries.
Then, thanks to the fast operations offered by these pallet handlers, all companies dealing with high volume of palletized goods have adopted them.

A full range for efficient logistics
MEYER supplies a solution for every need: from the standard 2 or 1 Pallet Handler up to specialised attachments for handling up to 8 pallets at a time. Tailor-made solutions are designed and produced on request for applications in the bottling, glass manufacturing, food, paper and building material industries and general logistics.

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