Trends in the Waste Paper Industry

Trends in the Waste Paper Industry

Waste paper is a tough handling and trends show an increase in the single bale size and load weight. To match the demand for longer bale arms and to manage this handling, Bolzoni Auramo upgrades its pulp and waste paper bale clamp series to get the job done.

The challenge is to improve safety in handling
‘’This handling trend is becoming more frequent in terminals and logistic centers and we want to develop it, making it more efficient and safer. That’s the reason why we are always improving our bale clamps in this area”, says Lars Petersson, Bolzoni Auramo’s Forest Products Handling Specialist in the Bolzoni Group.
Bolzoni Auramo is well known for its expertise in paper handling and waste bale equipments with a wide choice of models, capacities, arm configurations and openings, to satisfy the handling requirements in the logistic chain.
To come up with the best solutions, Bolzoni Auramo is closely co-operating with the professionals in each sector.

Introducing the new series BA clamp series
Bolzoni Auramo is introducing a new clamp series, to match the market developments in the waste paper bales heavy-duty handling. Designed for use both on forklifts and wheel loaders, the BA bale clamp range covers capacities up to 7000 Kg @ 900 mm load canter.

The new BA clamp series is designed to enable the most efficient handing of waste paper bales, with the following technical features:
- extremely thin and light design for high residual capacity and optimal visibility through the attachment body;
- high lifting capacity and wide choice of different openings and arm lengths.

Complete modern program of Bale Clamps
With capacity range from 1 ton up to 12 tons, all Bolzoni Auramo parallel clamps are based on the clamp body, that can be equipped with a wide range of arms to solve a variety of handling requirements. The Bolzoni Auramo clamp range is the most complete range of bale clamps for demanding handling of different bales.

Our Biggest
Designed for effective and safe heavy-duty pulp bale handling, our biggest clamp series is the BA-100 enabling efficient handling of 1 to 6 pulp bale units of all sizes. The typical applications are in pulp mills, warehouses, terminals, stevedoring docks as well as in any other loading and unloading operations in the logistic chain. The clamp has a capacity of 12.000 kg @ 800 mm load center and can be equipped with a wide choice of arm configurations and mounting options.

Besides these most common Pulp & Paper Industry bale types, Bolzoni Auramo offers other bale clamps, with rubber, specifically designed to handle tobacco, textiles, plastic, metal and many other materials inside the Waste Industry.
Bolzoni Auramo has taken this challenge and can today offer a complete range Bale Clamps for this wide Industry.

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