Bolzoni Auramo partner in AGV applications for e-grocery

Bolzoni Auramo partner in AGV applications for e-grocery

Automation solutions applied to the material handling world are continuously evolving. Automated Guided Vehicles are included in this change and represent the new challenge for forklift truck and attachment manufacturers today.

One of the most growing market in e-commerce is grocery. The new trend in e-grocery, driven by a deep digital transformation in all logistic processes, has the goal of bringing new solutions to answer the new trend in the market. E-grocery has significantly increased in the past year, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, and the forecast for next years is an even more rapid growth, especially in US market (source

As strategic choice to support facilities implementing the Logistic 4.0 philosophy, AGV solutions integrally fit in this project mainframe and can become a key tool to develop innovative digital processes.

Fully connected with the AGV control system
The latest technology development in Bolzoni has been to design and manufacture fully electric driven attachments. The possibility to avoid any hydraulic has multiple benefits: cleaner environment for food and beverage applications, better and more efficient connection with the AGV control system, more precise, reliable and repetitive movement and correct positioning of the different attachment operations. When the AGV needs to position the forks for different pallet sizes, it can use an electric driven fork positioner, operated by electric actuators, easy to control and more precise in positioning.

Many grocery logistic operators are now investing in automated warehousing systems, using narrow aisle AGVs equipped with electric driven Bolzoni Auramo trilateral head. Beyond the possibility to avoid hydraulic fluid in the handling equipment, the electric driven movements increase speed and safety of the operations, therefore the productivity of the warehousing system.

To offer the best tools for improving customer processes, AGV solution providers can rely on the cooperation with Bolzoni Auramo.

For more information about Automation Solutions for AGV contact: Francesco Tagliaferri, AGV Head of Sales and AGV Specialist inside the Bolzoni Group, send him an email. Ask him about our references and solutions implemented together with AGV Manufacturers.

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