Ergo Lift: the low profile lift table, without floor pit

Ergo Lift: the low profile lift table, without floor pit

Bolzoni Auramo presents the low profile lift table, extra slim, easy to use and to install. In facts, the Ergo Lift Bolzoni Auramo lift table do not require a floor pit.

Commonly used in the agri-food industry, such as the dairy and cured meat, the Bolzoni Auramo lift table of the Ergo Lift range is the best solution for the manual load handling, in regards of safety and health of operators during work.

Designed as a ‘’work station’’, the Ergo Lift scissor lift table is applied in many different industries, where the connection between different stages is necessary, lifting and lowering loads at a required height.

Due to the low closed height, this scissor lift table do not need to be fitted into a floor pit. In facts, the introduction of low profile lift tables has demonstrated to widely be effective in the production cost control and reduction.

In the picture, see a Bolzoni Auramo lift table in application, in the production department of a leading Italian company, active in the dairy and cured meats sector. This model has the U shaped platform, to load a pallet safely onto the table using a hand pallet truck or a pedestiran truck, without the need for an access ramp.

Production, material handling and warehousing, truck load and unload: a wide range of models and options is available to provide the best solution for any specific need.

Our top priority is the safety of the operator during the use of our lift tables. All Bolzoni Auramo lift tables comply with European standards and in particular with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and Safety requirements for lift table EN 1570-1.

The Bolzoni group is specialized in the production of scissor lift tables since 1985.
The Bolzoni Auramo lift tables are designed and manufactured in the Italian plant of Piacenza, Italy, in a dedicted area of 5.000 sqm.
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