Damage-free wine handling: from the vineyard to the warehouse

Damage-free wine handling: from the vineyard to the warehouse

Forklift attachment manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo cooperates with some of the most important wine industries, supplying forklift truck attachments for every stage in the production.

With a wide range of forklift attachments, which are characterized by low operation costs, Bolzoni Auramo offer the best support during all phases of wine making process.

Starting at harvesting, when the grapes are put into plastic bins to be placed in the working flow, Bolzoni Auramo attachments contribute simplifying the handling and reducing grape damage with 2 products allowing 360-degree continuous rotation in both directions. Bins can be easily moved if the forklift is equipped with an Invert-a-bin, which allows for the picking up and the emptying of bins and containers, or with a Rotator.

After the wine is bottled, the bottles follow different paths. Some wine bottles need to be turned several times during maturation and aging, to treat the wine sediments. The Bolzoni Auramo Invert-a-pallet gives the possibility to rotate full loads and to turn wine bottles during their long term storage with clear advantages in terms of handling time costs.

Later in the process wine bottles continue their journey on the truck, loaded on pallets or slip sheets, to reach logistic centres or warehouses.

In case of an extensive use of pallet-less handling the most suitable attachment is the Carton Clamp. This attachment ensures an even distribution of the pressure over the whole load surface area and avoids wine bottles being damaged.

When wine bottle boxes are packed on slip-sheets, Bolzoni Auramo can provide its Push-Pull, which allows the pushing and pulling of the load without the need for lateral clamping. This attachment enables lorry and container loading, bottle storage, and the transfer on wooden pallets ready for traditional handling with forks. Its use grants great advantages in pallet cost reduction, and the increase of storage space and load units transported, with important gains in efficiency and productivity.

In case of palletized bottle boxes, the best handling solution is to use a Multiple Pallet Handlers, which are suitable for all industries characterized by heavy handling of palletized loads and in particular soft drink industries, breweries, mineral water bottling plants.
Handling more load in less time increases the productivity and reduces handling costs during storage, loading and unloading of vehicles.

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