Bolzoni Group attachments for the Recycling Industry

Bolzoni Group attachments for the Recycling Industry

In 2023, recycling trends continued to evolve, reflecting a global commitment to reduce waste impact on the planet. The global goal is to drastically reduce raw materials consumption, and when not possible, to reuse them. To recycle becomes a duty we have to take on, with new guidelines on how to organize resources for the future.

According to the World Bank we generate 2.01 billion tons of solid waste annually:
waste paper, aluminium and metal scrap, plastic and rubber products, electronics and batteries.
These numbers are ment to steadily increase in the coming decades and for this reason, the number of companies engaged in the recycling and waste sector is continuously growing.

Recycling key role in the circular economy
Thanks to recycling it is possible to turn old materials into new ones. For example, electronics contain copper, aluminium, gold, plastic and other materials which can be recycled and used in new products.

To support waste and recycling companies to achieve efficient production processes Bolzoni Group offers a wide product range of attachments to equip forklift trucks, according to the different collecting and recycling situation.

Waste paper heavy-duty handling
Waste paper bale handling is generally harsher than any other handling operation, and forklift truck attachments often need increased protection against wear, and damages, and all moving and hydraulic components must be well protected against hitting and dropping objects.

The Auramo B-W and BC-W Series paper bale clamp are specifically designed for heavy-duty handling of waste bales in the paper industry, as well as plastic and other recycling materials.
Extremely thin and light design ensures high residual capacity with optimal visibility and wide choice of different openings and arm lengths enable efficient handling of several bale units.
The special steel profile arm carriers make the clamp extremely strong and rigid and pivoting left arm secures handling even with varying bale dimensions.

Wide variety of baled recycling materials: plastic–, textile-, rubber waste handling
A large variety of recycling materials is organized and collected into bales. As in waste paper handling, these bales need a robust attachment able to face the application.

The Silver Line LC Series bale clamp is designed for heavy duty applications, with a tight budget and is applied in the handling of all baled materials, such as paper, plastic, metal, textile and rubber waste, loads that can be very heavy and bulky.

Silver Line is a range of reliable and cost-effective products, suitable for applications in many industries, particularly where high performance and efficient costing are required.

Thanks to its robust design, with capacity ranging from 1400kg to 3200kg, the Silver Line bale clamp model LC-G is widely used for heavy-duty applications. The arms are welded directly to the guides and the clamp ensures higher sliding speed with lower grease requirement.

Its special features like high tensile aluminium profiles, with wear resistant plastic inserts, ensure long life and reduced total cost of ownership.

‘’When it comes to white goods recycling, particular attention has to be given to fridges, as these contain gases, which would extremely harm the environment in case of leakage’’ says Lars Petersson, Bolzoni Group Recycling Industry Specialist. ‘’In this case, we recommend the Silver Line carton clamp LC-C Series, made for the purpose’’.

Electronic equipments, batteries, metal and scrap sorting in containers
Global recovery of electrical and electronic equipment is increasing year by year: mobile phones, computers, televisions, fridges, household appliances, medical devices, photovoltaic panels and batteries are now one of the fastest growing waste streams. ‘’Estimation is that almost 1 million tons of electronic waste is generated every week, wordwide’’ adds Lars Petersson.

The left over used devices and manufacturing scrap are usually stored and transported in metal or heavy plastic containers and boxes.
The Bolzoni 360-degree rotating pallet fork clamp KG-H Series is a versatile attachment that can be used for handling various loads and in particular to empty containers and bins in recycling facilities. It’s main features are:

•Very rigid frame structure with double “T” profile.
•Superior visibility through the frame grants safe and easy handling operations
•The 360-degree rotation in both directions ensures fast and safe emptying of boxes and containers

The fork clamp can be fitted with manually rotating forks, which can be locked in 0-, 45- and 90-degree position, which makes it extremely versatile for various applications.
Besides, the 360-degree rotating fork clamp can be with slip-on arms to handle barrels and bins.

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