Discover Bolzoni Group advanced technology to handle paper products at MIAC 2023

Discover Bolzoni Group advanced technology to handle paper products at MIAC 2023

The October appointment is renewed again this year, from 11th to 13th. The city of Lucca, based in the heart of Tuscany (Italy), opens its doors to visitors from across the globe to attend three days of MIAC - The international paper industry exhibition.
MIAC is an event not to be missed for international companies looking for the latest technologies in the paper and cardboard production and tissue paper converting.

Bolzoni Group is ready to welcome international experts from the paper industry at its booth #32, to show how its technology and innovation can support forest products logistics throughout the converting process.
Thanks to its expertise, Bolzoni Group with its brand AURAMO is well known as an excellence in paper handling solutions. Over the years, working closely with the main paper companies, AURAMO has constantly improved and expanded its range of dedicated paper handling products, with focus on all paper handling requirements from paper mills, to port terminals and recycling centers.

Paolo Marenghi, Bolzoni SpA Sales Manager, comments: "We are glad to renew our presence at MIAC 2023 and to meet our partners in the paper sector.
Our customers know they can rely on us when it comes to paper handling, with the AURAMO range of highly specialized attachments, to meet the most diversified forest product handling needs."
This year we showcase our customers’ most preferred products in the paper handling industry.

AURAMO AR-RT model: the special-for-tissue paper roll clamp
Tissue paper rolls have a very high value per unit, are bulky and can be easy damaged. In the AURAMO clamp range we find a dedicated model, AR-RT Series, completely designed on Tissue paper handling needs, with damage-free built-in features.
AURAMO AR-RT model is able to handle large diameter tissue rolls with capacities starting from 1.500 kg up to 6.000 kg (3,000 to 13,000 lbs.) and with roll diameters up to 2.700 mm (106”) in standard series.
The light body clamp design makes it easy to store, rotate and move huge rolls, avoiding load damages; the contact pads are very thin to ensures good knifing properties when handling tightly stacked rolls.

AURAMO bale clamp B-W model for waste paper handling in the paper recycling chain
Collecting and transporting recycled waste paper is one of the toughest applications in the forest products handling chain and forklift truck attachments often need increased protection against wear and tear.
The AURAMO B-W model clamp is specifically designed for heavy-duty handling of waste paper bales, and it is widely employed in the plastic and recycling materials handling as well.
With capacities ranging from 1.600 kg to 7.000 kg (3,500 Lbs to 15,400 Lbs) and with a wide choice of opening ranges, arm lengths and options.

Handle more bales, with great visibility
In the external area dedicated to forklifts, you can find Bolzoni also in Area 2, showing the Bolzoni KS-D model clamp, fitted with special rubber-coated arms.
In facts, Bolzoni is also a well know specialist in the handling of baled goods, such as tobacco, foam rubber blocks, soft cellulose pulp.
This special clamp is mainly used in the textile sector, and is equipped with hydraulically rotating forks, with a special grip, to handle bales in great safety.
Thanks to its wide frame, operator’s visibility is maximized during the loading and unloading operations and in the warehouse handling.

Silver Line – The heavy-duty range
Besides the premium forklift truck attachments range, Bolzoni is presenting a second range dedicated to operators looking for very robust attachments, able to cope with tough applications.
SILVER LINE is a range of reliable and cost-effective clamps suitable for applications in many industries, particularly where lift truck operators require attachments having high performance and low cost.

At this MIAC edition, you can find a Silver Line fork clamp LC-H and a Silver Line bale clamp LC-G, both fitted on forklift truck.

Electric and AGV solutions for paper industry sector
As much as in all other sectors, also companies in the paper industry are showing great interest in the automation and in particular in electric driven solutions.
Besides attachments shown at the exhibition, the Bolzoni Group is a well-known solution provider for electric driven attachments and AGV applications. In strict cooperation with main AGVs producers, Bolzoni has developed a range of attachments equipped with specific sensors controlled and managed directly by the AGV control unit.

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