Bolzoni Easy-Connect Products: New technologies to back you up

Bolzoni Easy-Connect Products: New technologies to back you up

Intelligent technologies along with digital connectivity have drastically come into material handling and specifically in the forklift truck attachments world in recent years.

Bolzoni Group is committed to enable modern companies to speed up and enhance productivity, through the adoption of intelligent solutions and other sensor technologies.

Load damage prevention and automation

As a result of the attention to our customers’ needs and the constant investment in research and development, Bolzoni Group developed Easy-Connect, a range of Intelligent Products, equipped with lasers, sensors and other options. To enhance productivity Bolzoni offers automated solutions that allow to limit time loss and prevent damages, with autonomous handling decision, guided by intelligent supports.

Among the intelligent products, we have the Bolzoni Easy-FORK Vision System camera forks: thanks to the camera position, and the triple LED lights completely integrated in the fork tip, the driver can have a clear view on the area, even in low light conditions, while maintaining the correct ergonomic position on the seat.

Combination of robust components and state-of-the-art technologies

“Thanks to additional features, these technologically advanced products are able to actively support the driver decisions, on the go’’ says Carlo Fallarini, Global Marketing Director of the Bolzoni Group.

As an example, the Intelligent Paper Roll Clamps - 180° Rotation CTX G3 is equipped with an automatic clamping force control. This enables the clamp to automatically select and use optimized, lowest possible clamping force in all handling situations and for all paper grades.”
Another example, designed for the white goods industry, and specifically for big logistic services, is the Bolzoni Easy-FORCE-C Pressure Control System, which enables the truck driver to easily select the load category, type and configuration through a touch screen.

‘’In addition, useful new option for this intelligent device, data can be stored, viewed and analyzed in a second step by logistic managers.” adds Carlo Fallarini.’’ Thanks to a web-server interface, it enables to access, via smartphone, tablet or pc in real time the handling data: geolocalization, data tracking, clamp sets and selected configurations. All data are accessible to the fleet manager, and can be stored in a database, with crypted access (https).”

Strong partner for AGV solution providers

The latest technology development in the Bolzoni Group has been to design and manufacture fully electric driven attachments.
Thanks to the Easy-Connect product range, AGV solution providers can rely on the cooperation with Bolzoni Group for different level of solutions, both electric and hydraulic driven.
The standard equipment comes with sensors and pre-set cabling, but we are able to support the customer also with the turn-key solution, with the attachment installed and ready for use. The Bolzoni Group offer goes from standard AGV range attachments to the co-design of customized solutions with AGV producers, to the installation and after-service.

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