Bolzoni short-term Used & Rental service on the rise

Bolzoni short-term Used & Rental service on the rise

BOLZONI’s Rental & Used service is a fast and efficient solution to cope with downtime situations or bridging peak demands.
First launched in November 2021, the Bolzoni Group Used & Rental portal is today a European-wide network active in 9 Countries.

"The service has been an amazing success, as never before the demand for rental and used equipment has been so high." says Carlo Fallarini, the Bolzoni Group Global Marketing Director. "The dramatic rise in raw material prices has caused a general material shortages in all sectors, contributing to significant delays in delivery times. This situation strikes the whole logistic chain, at several levels.
The used and rental service is a good solution to face these situations, ensuring a continuity of fleet operations. For this reason, over these months, we have worked to expand our equipment stock offer".

The user-friendly web platform

The Used & Rental web platform is very easy-to-use, it allows to have a real-time global view of all used and available for hire products. Thanks to search filters, it is possible to navigate through the European used and rental equipment stocks and to set parameters to quickly find the attachment or the lift table that meets handling requirements.

Prompt delivery can save the deal

‘’A well-known pasta maker in Southern Italy contacted us, looking for a push pull. They were in a hurry, because they just won a big deal with an American customer, whose logistics was organized on slip sheets. Well, thanks to our rental stock fleet, we were able to support this company in a very short time with the right equipment’’, says Luigi Rebecchi, Area Business Manager at Bolzoni SpA. “Besides the quick lead-time, we are glad, because the customer appreciated the attachment efficiency and opt in favor of a new unit purchase, to equip one forklift truck in his logistic operations.‘’

Close to you

Thanks to the wide European sales network BOLZONI is close to customers, for fast and localized 360-degree support.
Our manufacturing know-how, experienced service technicians and fully-equipped workshops can provide the customer with a variety of after-sales services, repairs, on-site installations, consultations and training to help your attachments to perform at their best.

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